And Now For Something Completely Machinima

Completely Machinima 11.1 December 2021 Machinima News

December 02, 2021 Ricky Grove, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine, and Phil Rice
And Now For Something Completely Machinima
Completely Machinima 11.1 December 2021 Machinima News
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Completely Machinima 11.1 December 2021 – Machinima News

This week the hosts discuss updates from the GTC event by Nvidia, with focus on Omniverse and Reallusion’s iClone 8 and Character Creator 4, the Book of Boba Fett trailer, Dune, A Sound Effect podcast, understanding NFTs (well, who does?), Nightmare Puppeteer, Blender 3.0, a natural successor to Garry’s Mod called SNBox, Promethian AI (creative process for VR) and our upcoming LIVE event on 9 December, celebrating our year in machinima.

Credit: Music from magic-christmas by Lena Orsa

Completely Machinima 11.1 December 2021 – Machinima News

This week the hosts discuss updates from the GTC event by Nvidia, with focus on Omniverse and Reallusion’s iClone 8 and Character Creator 4, the Book of Boba Fett trailer, Dune, A Sound Effect podcast, understanding NFTs (well, who does?), Nightmare Puppeteer, Blender 3.0, a natural successor to Garry’s Mod called SNBox, Promethian AI (creative process for VR) and our upcoming LIVE event on 9 December, celebrating our year in machinima.


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Damien Valentine, Tracy Harwood, Ricky Grove, Phil Rice


Damien Valentine  00:13

Hello, and welcome to our December edition of another sneak peek at machinima. Happy holidays, everyone, whatever you're celebrating. My name is Damian Valentine, also known as Darth Angeles, and I'm going to be posting this month's episodes. And joining me, I've got Ricky Grove.


Ricky Grove  00:33

Hey there,


Damien Valentine  00:34

Tracy Harwood,


Tracy Harwood  00:36

Happy Christmas.


Damien Valentine  00:37

And Phil Rice.


Phil Rice  00:39



Damien Valentine  00:41

it's a pleasure to see you all as it normally is. So we've started off with the news, we've got quite a big selection of news to cover this month. So yeah, I'll go first. But Hello, yeah, we do have a lot.  So I'm gonna start with some iClone news, we got to see the working progress videos for iClone 8, which shows off, a lot of the new features are coming. Because things like characters can now touch objects, and it will know that the cat, the software will know the characters touching something so you're not clipping through walls of objects while each other. And then you've got some visual enhancements such as motion blur, and volumetric fog, which is going to be quite nice, and all kinds of other exciting features are coming. So so you can integrate with Omniverse, which when the work in progress video was shown, I thought that was going to be a feature that came with iClone 8 but there's another bit of news at the show, I'll cover in a few minutes. relating to that. And of course, you've got Character Creator 4 coming alongside it. And that's got more enhanced features where you can bring in character models, and it will, if they read it knows, the skeleton is bought in with them. And it's looks like it's gonna be a lot easier to have characters that aren't human shapes. Which is great, because if you're working in science fiction or fantasy, or you want to do some sort of cartoon for kids or something, you don't necessarily want everyone to look human, you might want your alien characters or your, your monster characters or your little animal characters or whatever it is you want to do. And this looks like it's going to give you a lot more flexibility in creating those kind of characters for your project. The release date for both of these was put in as Spring. So it's kind of a vague window there. So keep an eye on it. They have a special offer on at the moment where if you spend a certain amount of money in the contents store or on any of the Reallusion stores, you get a free copy of the Character Creator. Or if you spend a bit more you get a free copy of iClone 8, or if you spend the highest amount, which I think believe it was $799 you get packages? Oh, yes.


Ricky Grove  03:24

I think a little heart murmur for Phil.


Damien Valentine  03:29

Are you out there, Phil?


Phil Rice  03:31

I'm all right.


Damien Valentine  03:35

Yeah, there has been a lot of discussion on the various social areas about the prices of the increased prices of the software. And that particular special offer. And I've looked closely into it. And if you're just going to buy, compare it to iClone 7, if you just bought the basic iClone package, and the basic Character Creator, then yeah, you are paying a lot more money for the updated packages for the software. And I can see that is going to put people off who just want to just they're happy with what they've got already. So they see a need to upgrade. But if you if you buy the pipeline editions with 3d Exchange pipelines, which lets you take your content and put it into Unreal or Omniverse, or any of the other platforms that exist out there, that's now integrated into iClone 8 and Character Creator 4 is not a separate package that you have to buy. So yeah, if so if you had that already, you're actually paying less for the new version than you would if you had to buy all which is great for those people but few who just want to tinker around with the basic version then I think you might be a little bit out of luck. Maybe Reallusion will have more to say about that as they get closer to release. But so far, that's what it looks like.  So the only iClone news was about Omniverse. They've released a free update, which lets you export your scene into Omniverse. I've added a bit of a tinker around with it. And on the surface, it basically is as simple as press the export button, it will take a couple of minutes to create your file, you then load that into Omniverse. And it's exported everything into that scene. So all you have to do is press the render button. That's a bit more complicated than that, because of the way lighting works in Omniverse is different from how it works in iClone. So you have to tinker around with those settings. And of course, if you've bought any content from the content store, you need to have the export versions of it. Otherwise it won't export into Omniverse. Which, of course is more expensive than...


Ricky Grove  06:00

That's just for that's just for 7, though in 8, though it will. Since you said it's integrated, it'll export all of that to Omniverse. Right? 


Damien Valentine  06:10

I don't know. Because even if you've got the you still need to export license for the actual content. So this would be if you had a character and you put them in a jacket, the jacket bought from the the content store, you need the export license for that jacket to be able to use the character in Omniverse. And I don't know if that's related to the pipeline edition or not. I think you still have to have the export even if you've got the the pipeline in 8. I'm not sure...


Phil Rice  06:43

It all sounds delightfully simple. Yeah.


Damien Valentine  06:48

So what I've been doing is I've been using my own content, which I've imported myself, it has no DRM at all, so it doesn't matter. So I've been tinkering around with some spaceships flying around. And there are some very noticeable differences in the render quality, obviously, between Omniverse and iClone's default rendering. Yeah, I would say. So I haven't tried it with any characters yet, because I don't have any export license for any of the costumes. Because I don't really have that money to spare to upgrade them. So I have no idea how it works with the characters. But as far as static objects go that I've brought in, it works really well. And I'm still figuring out how the lighting works, and how to get the skies to import and things like that, because I was trying it earlier. And it's just a black ball. So the actual texture on the sky was missing. And I have no idea how to fix that yet just yet. Yeah. But yeah, what I've experimented with so far, when it works, it looks really good.


Ricky Grove  07:52

I've I just finished with the Graphic Technology Conference this last week. And Reallusion had a very strong presence there. And they did quite a few presentations. So I've got more news about your news, when my new segment comes up, because I'm going to do a little mini Graphic Technology Conference. And they presented more technical aspects of that. So a little bit later on, I'll give you more news on it.


Damien Valentine  08:23

I look forward to hearing that, because I missed all of that. So I'm interested to hear more about what's coming with iClone and Reallusion. So yeah, that's all the iClone news I have to share for now. And then obviously, you get more from Ricky.  And lastly, the news that I'm going to share is the news about the Unreal Virtual Studio, we've talked about it before with how the Mandalorian used it for their virtual sets to put their actors in all these exotic locations without you having to go off to exotic locations to film it. So the Book of Boba Fett is a some other Star Wars TV show that starting this month on the 29th. It uses the exact same technology as a trailer out which we'll put in the show notes. And it looks just as good as the Mandalorian did. And you can tell they, wherever they they made these the Unreal technology to make it look just like it really went off into the desert to film this stuff. So that's very impressive. And another one was it's it's actually a big screen cinema race using this virtual screen technology there. So far, I've only seen it on TV screens, obviously much smaller. So it's gonna be very interesting to see how it's gonna look on a massive cinema screen. And that's for the Batman, which is being released, I think in March next year. And they use that firm to recreate parts of Gotham City. The thumbnail for the trailer has a picture of Batman cameras behind his head and he's kind of looking out across the city and the sun's coming up and it's all kind of red. That was It's all virtual environment. And it's great. I'm really excited to see how this is going to look on a big screen where you have to spend a lot more time making sure everything looks perfect, because any flaws is going to be very noticeable when it's right up there. You can't get away with hiding it because the screens are smaller at home. So it's interesting to see what they do. That sort of my news, Phil, you're up next.


Phil Rice  10:27

Yes Last month, we talked about the GTA trilogy remaster. And that has now been released. And from all indications looks like it kind of sucks.


Damien Valentine  10:47



Phil Rice  10:50

There's been there's there's been some, there's been some pretty huge missteps with the release of it that the launcher broke, and then you couldn't get to the game. And then they pulled it back and said, It looks like we released it accidentally with some content that wasn't supposed to be in there, which is rumored to maybe be the hot coffee stuff that was,you know, or yeah, just just a mess. And then the other thing that I've seen is, and we'll include a link to the video, but some of the graphics stuff. This does not look like the Mass Effect, reissue by any means. Mass Effect, undeniably a beautification of the game and improvement visually in every regard. This not so much. There's some weird stuff going on, particularly with some of the character models. Just very inhuman looking weirdness where, yeah, it really looks like some corners were cut. It's very unfortunate. I know, I had commented when this was coming out of well, this could be exciting. Somebody who's been working in GTA 5, and wants to expand that world to include these other cities if it has a similar enough graphic. Yeah, no, no, I don't think so. I think even even the best screenshots that I've seen of it and the best videos that I've seen of it, it is, is it better than you know what was on the PlayStation? Yes, it is. But it's nowhere near the image fidelity of their more recent games,


Ricky Grove  12:19

That's too bad.


Phil Rice  12:20

So it doesn't mean that it won't be an enjoyable gameplay experience for people. Maybe it will. But I'm, I'm not really incentivized to, to plunk down money for it at this point, given what I've seen,


Ricky Grove  12:35

That's probably a premium. What 50 bucks, something like that.


Phil Rice  12:38

Yeah. Yeah, I would assume so. I just, I'm just honestly, if I were to go back and see GTA, as I originally played it, I'd probably be disappointed. And then somewhere above that, in fidelity is my memory of playing the game. I've just decided I don't want to take that backwards step. I'd like to just keep remembering it as awesome. But you know, if that changes, we'll be sure to let people know. It's so quick.


Ricky Grove  13:09

Go ahead. It's like the visit to your home after you've gone away to college. And you come back and you realize the family has sold the house and it's got chickens in the front yard. And the windows are broken and oh no...


Phil Rice  13:24

Yeah. Yeah. Well, exact experience well not the not the chickens in the yard. But yeah, go back to visit the town I grew up in and Illinois, or even the town that I went to high school in Florida. And it's just weird, man. Yeah, none of the businesses are still around. It's all changed names. And it's overcrowded, the Florida one anyway. Yeah, horrible. Well, that's, that's basically if you want that experience, but don't want to have to buy the plane ticket to go visit your hometown. Just get the GTA trilogy. Yeah. Because it's like you remember, but worse. It's newer. It's worse. That's that's kind of the impression I'm getting.


Damien Valentine  14:07

So hopefully they fix it up.


Phil Rice  14:09

I hope so.


Damien Valentine  14:10

It's such a mess. It might take them a while. But hopefully they fix it.


Phil Rice  14:13

It looks like a gargantuan task. It really does. Because it's not a simple coding bug or something. This is it almost looks like on those player models. It almost looks like that. Maybe they tried to use some kind of automatic converter.


Ricky Grove  14:28

And then they didn't check the results afterwards. Yeah, somebody


Phil Rice  14:31

somebody put a decimal point in the wrong place or something.


Damien Valentine  14:35

Might explain why they went range looking characters. It might explain why this year, a month between when they announced it when it was actually released because I thought that's very quick. I mean, they could have been working on in secret for a long time, which is what I said to myself when the announcement came, but clearly they haven't.


Phil Rice  14:52

Well, it depends on what you mean by a long time. You know? You mean the month of August Yeah, yes, they worked very hard.


Ricky Grove  15:03

Well I kind of wonder, you know, the trend is rereleasing classic games and updated graphics and play. Maybe they just wanted to get on the bandwagon and make some money. Yeah, yeah, it


Phil Rice  15:15

could be it. It's, it's a blemish on him, I think I'm on a mostly good track record. In some of that some of their releases over the years haven't been, yeah, there was one where like, you were the school bully or something like that, I think,


Ricky Grove  15:29

Oh, I remember that was terrible. Horrible. 


Phil Rice  15:32

So, alright, um, I wanted to make a real brief mention of podcasts that I don't know, if our listeners and you in particular Ricky have heard of, but it's called A Sound Effect. That's the name of the podcast. And basically, they do regular podcasts, digging into and talking to sound designers and sound engineers, from mostly from the professional world from the movie world. The most recent episode that as of when we're recording this, they get into the sound design in the Dune movie, oh, phenomenal, wonderful, just discussion of some of how that they did what they did for certain effects in that movie. And also, their work process was pretty fascinating. That basically, unlike in most movies, and probably most machinimas, this way to sound is done as purely as a post production phase, you think about it after all the main work is done. And it's kind of tacked on in that way, it could still turn out really great and can really enhance the film. But what these guys did that are different, because most most Hollywood movies do it that way, too. You know, they don't even they even hire on the sound guys until, you know they have guys that are capturing some sound in the field. But in terms of the finished sound product, those guys aren't even in the discussion until all the film's already in the can. Well, these guys, and the director of Dune whose name I'm not going to mispronounce - because it doesn't, doesn't sound like it looks looks like Denis Villeneuve, it's not. You know who I'm talking about? Yeah, like Denise Villain-eyey, something you have to say. I don't know how I butcher it every time. Anyway, he involved the sound design guys, like early on. And in fact, some of the sound design work was done before they filmed it. And he was they were talking with the director very early on, and it was very important to the director, that certain sounds, you know, have a certain effect and stuff in it. And the net result, if you haven't seen the movie, the movie is extraordinary. And the sound design and score work in particular, are just, that's the main reason I watched the second time, it'll probably be the reason I watch it the third time with headphones. just delightful. I saw it the first time in the theater. It's wonderful. And the sound work is just wonderful. So anyway, that podcast does discussions like that If sound is your thing, or you just want to learn more about how that works. That would be a good one to check out.


Ricky Grove  18:10

That's great. I didn't know about that. I'll definitely check it out. 


Phil Rice  18:13

Yeah, it came up. I don't remember how it came up. I think I'm the website that the podcast is with. They sell, you know pre recorded sound effects packets. And I subscribe to their newsletter years ago. And then when they started doing the podcast, I started listening to it. And yeah, it's quite good. 


Tracy Harwood  18:34

Sounds fascinating. Yes.


Damien Valentine  18:38

I really enjoyed the film June so and does have such an unusual sound element to all of it the music and it really does. Yeah, I'm gonna listen to that podcast just to hear how they did that because it'd be really interesting.


Phil Rice  18:49

Yeah, they talked some about how even they collaborated with Hans Zimmer, who's the score for that movie. They collaborated with him as well. And in very close fashion to make sure, hey, at this point, we're going to be doing this with sound. And so he knew not to compete with that with the score and vice versa. And, you know, having seen the movie first, I kind of observed that not specifically, but just observed that it just all fits together so well. And it was neat to hear that that was deliberate. That that was a result of intentionally focusing on that. I think there's something to be learned for that in on the small end and web screen as well. You know, exactly paying attention to those things and understanding the importance of the role. That sound and music as well can have early on, really can pay some nice dividends. Yeah.


Tracy Harwood  19:44

Probably easier to do with machinima than it is with live action anyway. Because you've got all your assets in front of you. Yeah. So I would imagine that it's a real


Ricky Grove  19:54

Unfortunately I don't I don't think that I mean overall in the history of machinima, sound and music had been secondary in the, in the production process especially sound. Those movies I, I'm always happy when you comment on a movie, Tracy, about it sound because a lot of times is just the sound it's it's a last minute thing oh, well, we'll put some footsteps in or we'll do this and it's absolutely and it's the it makes the difference sometimes it can make the difference between a good film and a great film. You know,


Phil Rice  20:38

I know early on in machinima that one of the reasons that that evolved in that direction, you know, we're talking about early early machinima where it's something playing back in Game and Quake or a game like that. Well, the fact of the matter is, is that the sound the sound format, that you could import into the game to use in playback was very low fidelity, like you had to sample it down and it was very thin, not much more sound quality than you can get through a telephone receiver, you know, just wow, pitifully bad. They did that for efficiency purposes, because sound takes up a lot of space. Nowadays, there's no there's not really any, any reason not to to really go all out with sound because yeah, that the space concerns back then needless to say, are not, not concerns that we have now. You know, we've got I've got more storage space on this thumb drive in front of me than we had on two computers back then. Yeah, absolutely.


Damien Valentine  21:41

This the online Star Wars game, The Old Republic is a 40 gigabyte download. Most of that is the sound effects and dialogue. Oh, wow. It's not the graphic. Yeah, it's not the videos or anything else is to sound effects and dialogue.


Phil Rice  21:57

Yeah, Red Dead Redemption two, same thing. I don't know what the exact sizes of it. But there are hundreds of hours of dialogue recorded and it's all really good quality. Yeah. Yeah. So. So the other thing I'll mention just real quick, is I found an article called Understanding NFTs and blockchain. Sorry, and I'm the one who needed this really has very little to do with machinima, although it has come up in the past several months, because, you know, NFTs are kind of going into anything. art and creativity related. I still have, at best, a kindergarteners understanding of NFTs, and blockchain. And after reading this article, I feel like maybe like a first grader, you know, that it a slightly more mature child. I still don't fully get it. But it's probably one of the better explanations of how what they actually are and how all that stuff works that I've ever read. I cannot account for my complete intellectual blind spot with regard to this. I deal with technology every day, but I'm just a complete buffoon when it comes to yeah, start with just somebody says Bitcoin in my eyes. My eyes just glaze. I just don't I totally get it. I agree the article was that this article may help you too.


Ricky Grove  23:35

Yeah, the article was very helpful to me because he talks about those concepts in the context of him getting a gift for his wife. And it makes it very practical. Yeah, that was how it made it very relatable, didn't it? Yeah. Right. It did. And so initially, he makes it seems like he spent like $12,000 as a gift for his wife. But then using the blockchain explanations, you discover No, he spent about 11 bucks, you know, 20 bucks. But right, the process of explaining that which I thought was quite witty, he goes through each element. You know, and I think it's a very interesting introduction. And although I'm still a bit at sea, as I think most people are, Phil, I don't think you should hang your head. Because I think most people are befuddled with it. Because it is a very esoteric system that they've they've set up and, but I do feel that that article is very helpful. And thanks for linking it, Phil.


Phil Rice  24:41

Yeah, you bet. That's all I've got.


Damien Valentine  24:42

All right. That was very interesting. So yeah, I don't think anyone really understands NFT's I struggle with someone once asked me is when Bitcoin was all over the news a few years ago, and it was first taking off someone asked me so what's Bitcoin? Can you explain to me I just kind of stared blankly at them. Yeah. Alright, so, Ricky, it's your turn. What news have you got for us this week?


Ricky Grove  25:13

Oh I got a bunch of good stuff. I'll try not to talk your ears off. I do want to say I did see with my partner, Lisa, the first movie in two years. And that was Dune in the theater. Wow. Oh, wow. I for some, you know, it's odd in our society, we, there's so much media and so much immediate publication, you almost get a feeling about a movie before you go see it. You know what I mean. And I don't know how maybe I just read the wrong place. But I got the feeling it wasn't going to be very good. And I was really excited. But I thought it was a terrific adaptation. And I'm a big fan of Dune, I reread the book again, back in January. And we had watched the David Lynch version of it at the same time, and so I was, you know, really, really happy with it. And you're right, the sound and the music were just wonderful. And then so that was Sunday. And then on the Monday, we watched the David Lynch version, because my partner told me that she thought the adaptation borrowed heavily in terms of the script, the scenes, and I didn't remember the Lynch version, real careful, real well, so rewatching it again, and I say he did, although he Villa knew I knew, whatever his name is. He, he he made his own scenes, of course, but he did follow the skeleton of the David Lynch version. And I've always liked the David Lynch version. Yeah, but there's some problems with it. But I've always liked it. This was, this was a very strong adaptation. I encourage everybody to see it. It's a great introduction to the politics, and the inner weavings of court intrigue, in science and nativism. And it's just really great. And it really, and if it leads you back to the book, which is just astounding, I mean, you get you get maybe about a fourth of what's in the book, in this this movie. The book is so careful. And when it's world building, it lays everything out in the film, they have to sort of jump from thing to thing, because they have to move it along. They can't do it for five hours. But anyway, I wanted to say how much I liked it and definitely want to recommend it to everybody.  And I said earlier that the grant the Graphics Technology Conference, sponsored and created by NVIDIA finished this last week. It was a second year they did it in a virtual setting. And I'm finding that I really liked the virtual conference setting as a reporter, because it's so much easier to move from thing to thing and spread everything out. When you have an actual physical location. You're you're you're set on a time. I mean, if I wanted to watch something at 11 o'clock at night, and then read the discussion and the question and answer, I could do it. But you can't do that in real life. Of course, you lose the connectedness and everything, which I think is vital. But I really liked the GTC virtual conference, and they did an outstanding job this year. Now, keep in mind that the this particular conference is a technical conference. So a good three quarters of the conference went over my head, because it's all about ray tracing and deep learning algorithms and coding, and it's really hard. But to their credit, they have a whole section that's just devoted to art, and entertainment and media. And those were absolutely fascinating. And there were some incredible presentations. I have to say that Reallusion did a presentation was just outstanding. And it made me realize that the Machinima program that NVIDIA created and that we announced many months ago, and which is sort of still born. It's they have done some updates on it, but it's still essentially the same. And it's still complicated and still buggy. I think that the real benefit for machinima will be through Reallusion and Omniverse. And here's why. Because Reallusion had a connection to Nvidia long before the universe was created. And then when they started to come up with the with how they wanted to make it public. They included real illusion as one of the main companies just like Autodesk just like Adobe, just like my and all the others. So Reallusion had a leg up on it. Yeah, there, there was a friendship there, between people at Nvidia and Reallusion. And so they included that the connector revolution connection to Omniverse right off the bat. So they've been working on this connection over and over and so smartly, they use their update to iClone and update to Character Creator to improve that connection. So essentially, what you have is you have the real machinima connection inside of Omniverse. And that's going to be a clone eight and iClone our and create Character Creator 4 - you can already do it with iClone 7, but iClone 8 will be absolutely direct. And they John Martin, demonstrated in a video which you can which will link to in YouTube, how easy it was to do it. Now the benefit of doing this instead of doing it directly inside of iClone and run and and doing real time rendering and capturing that is that in Omniverse, you remember Omniverse is sort of an environment. It's like a metaverse. And what you have are plugins. And you take the plugin for a program, you create content in that plug in and bring it inside of Omniverse. And then in Omniverse, you can use high quality graphics technology to add new materials, if you want add new lighting, create new cameras, and this is inside of Omniverse Create. That's their platform for creating things and have ray traced, rendering, real time rendering. So basically, what you're doing is you're taking on average looking render inside of a clone and making it a super render inside of Omniverse. Plus, you have the benefits of being able to collaborate inside of Omniverse with somebody else. So if you have a small team of machinima people, somebody who's doing sound, somebody is doing designing something in blender, and somebody else is doing the blocking, and the camera work, you can do that together inside of Omniverse. Using iClone, if that's your main staging platform, and blender, if you want to use Blender as your design, so and they demonstrated this using Unreal, where they had four people working simultaneously inside to create the scene. And it was there were no gaps. It was direct, it was all inside of Omniverse it was just terrific. I was very, very happy with it. That's all. So I just wanted, I just wanted to mention that I think Reallusions updates, which are tremendous, iClone's a new animation system is going to be phenomenal, so much better than their previous drop and drag. And then, you know, hopefully, you'll try to get the person in place. Now the the way to do it is they've inter integrated with their actor, core technology where you can get animations from that and drop them in. But you can also guide the animations. And they're also made us you can do controllers, to animate them or keyboards to automate them. So you can puppet nice to go the way you want them to go. So they're moving more towards game like control of it is just terrific.  And briefly, I wanted to say before I jump into my last bit of news is that the overall conference theme was, of course, about Omniverse, but also AI and robotics. And we're going to see a revolution in robotics. And consider this. Our notion of robotics is okay, you're going to have three dimensional real robots that are going to do things right. Well, the real revolution is going to come are going to be virtual robots. So for example, you have a supply warehouse that does cars. And they want to change something in order to make it more efficient or add something to it. Well to actually do that in real life would cause they'd have to shut down the system. They'd have to integrate it and if there was a problem, they have to repair it and fix it. So what Omniverse has done it's allowed them to create digital doubles.  So they can actually duplicate the warehouse entirely in virtual space. And then they make the change inside of the double. And it works according to physics. It works according to the way they planned it, since they integrate robot technology and, and coding inside of that the robots respond actively. And so they see where the problems are. And then they use that to integrate it. So they have robots who are writing code for other robots. Do you know what I mean? Now, isn't it some of this stuff was over my head. But I am so excited about the future possibilities of making things easier to understand and to help us solve problems in our health system in our... it won't work for our democracy, but that's something else. In any event, GTC was very excited, I urge everybody to go to it real illusion updates are great.  The other two bits of news I have for you is that Nightmare Puppeteer, the beta, things that we had been updates that we had been talking about, which is like importing USB, motion capture and everything, are now part of the main program, he's taken the beta code and put it in with Nightmare Puppeteer tool. Plus additional characters, additional scenes, and he's dropped the price to 99 cents, which, which the 50% off current sale, which is 49 cents. If you don't get this 49 cent program. I am never going to speak to you again.


Phil Rice  36:40

Listener question, rookie question is someone who purchased the previous version of Nightmare Puppeteer, will they get a discount off of that 49 cents? For like an upgrade price?


Ricky Grove  36:57

They'll get a residual for using using a percentage of the I don't know he wanted to make it free but Steam wouldn't let him.


Tracy Harwood  37:08

So you get a free NFT, there you go on the blockchain. How about that!


Ricky Grove  37:15

Plus a discount on a fundable token. So anyway, he's got a nice video. He also released his feature film which was which is essentially machinima. Which I'm going to choose for our next thing to talk about called M Doll that was released. More about that later in a future podcast.   Blender 3.1 Alpha is out. Now Blender 3.0 Is that Is it just a huge jump. Because they've completely revamped their real time rendering II rendering system they've updated the graphics. It's just a terrific terrific version and it's all free of course it's it's open source. Now why is Blender important to machinima filmmakers? Well a it's free it's open source. So they're the right people doing the right thing but because of the trending nature of machinima moving some of it moving towards game engines like Unity and Unreal. Both of those game engines and Nightmare Puppeteer have direct pipelines from Blender to to the game engine, which means you can create content in Blender even simple content. You want to create a room that's a stone room that's got blocks and holes in it. With two hours of tutorials you can have that all created, you can texture it and import it directly into Unity if you want to make or making a film in Unity or Reallusion if you're making a film in iClone and this will be the very best version of Blender ever. The support is incredible. The training is incredible. The community is incredible. So definitely check out Blender when it comes out on I think the 21st of December - 3.0 will come up but three one is an alpha now, which means you can go to the site and download the alpha version if you want. It's just going to be a little buggy.  And then the last thing is is fascinating thing that I discovered accidentally in my endless search for machinima. Face Punch Studios, if you recall, has created they don't like this and they don't want people to say it but I'm gonna say it anyway because it is what it is. It's Garry's Mod 2 created in Source 2 engine, and it's called SNBox. S N Box one word. Um, the me see if I can find the guy's name Aiden, Kelly, AI da and Kelly K ke e ll y, on YouTube has been creating and exploring with this and it looks fascinating. Looks really, really interesting. Now it's in a kind of early stage of it. And they're being selective about who they're allowing in to the beta. But if you go, we'll give you the link, I believe it's through Face Punch Studios, you have to have a copy of Garry's Mod to be able to do it. I'm not sure why, but you have to have that. But I am really, really interested in the developments of this. It's, as I said, its source to it looks great. They're adding stuff all the time to game engine. Content will be the issue, I think for the future of it. And I also want to say the Aidan Kelly's YouTube channel has got some fan tastically funny and weird short videos on it. If you want to be chuckle for half an hour, go to his YouTube site, because he's got some crazy, funny stuff. Some machinima, some traditional, but it's great. And we'll give you the link to SNBox. So you can go check it out. What you do is you go to their forum, you create an account, and then you request access to the beta. And then they run their Face Punch background check. And if you were part of the January 6 insurrection, they won't let you That was a joke.


Damien Valentine  41:37

All right, we were to get it. And then I thought yeah, let's see we can do that.


Ricky Grove  41:41

All right. That's my news. Hope I didn't blab too long.


Damien Valentine  41:46

No, no. Excellent news for interest here we have to say about what Reallusion is doing at the conference. And I think I have to give this new version of Blender is try as well. It's one of the things I keep meaning to. And I'm telling


Ricky Grove  41:59

you, that is so much easier to use. Now. The reputation of Blender being hard to use is gone. It's gone.


Damien Valentine  42:09

I'll have a look at this new version in Korea try. Okay. So Tracy, what have you got?


Tracy Harwood  42:16

Yeah, I mean, actually, I also attended the GTC conference bits of it, because I was quite interested in the, in the AI and the use of game techs for architecture and what have you. So really, really interesting keynotes and discussions and the digital twin stuff that you were talking about with factory of the future and what have you. Absolutely fascinating. Really very interesting. I'm sure we're doing some work in that area as well. Yeah, in my day job. So anyway, my news is, it's kind of related but a little teeny bit different. So it's an item, which I thought was kind of got real potential to be quite an interesting approach to creating machinima. We've talked in the past about VR, and different methods of capture throughout most of our episodes, actually, and I'm very intrigued by report that there is some software in development called Promethian AI, which enables you to create using voice commands in VR. So now, I had a look at the demo video, and it's clear that you know from the from the way that the guy was creating on the video, that you have to have the language that the AI understands. So it's not a naive tool by any means. But it may be useful if you are using, say large libraries of content because it does all the searching and inserting pretty much all the content pretty much in in real time, whilst you're using the VR headset to explore the scene, so you're kind of creating it around you. Now it's positioned as a tool for creating video game environments and was originally revealed in July 2018, and was actually launched in beta in March this year. It's free for non commercial use. And that's what they call projects below 100,000 a year in financing terms, and there is a very small fee of $5 a month, which gives you an option to share your asset library or an asset library with a team of creators. So the basic version gives you an Asset Browser, palettes, and command line asset search and building basics. It's its creator is a game industry vet former technical art director for Sony Interactive guy called Andrew Maximov. And he's particularly keen that the tool set which uses machine learning helps creators and artists to do the things they love even faster and without necessarily having the skill sets that an animator might have. Now there are some install guidelines, because you need to integrate it with your own content libraries too. And I noticed that actually, when you do that, you have to integrate it or it can be integrated with Unreal Engine, which I think looking at it, again, is obviously the basis of the language that's used when you give it commands. So I think really, since, you know, do we really need more killer apps for the VR beyond Half Life Alyx. And, and the Meta's verse, for one of the better description, we potentially I think now have a game changing process for creatives too. And I think this tool set might be it. So we'll share the download link and the introductory video for you in the show notes. Promethean AI, I think it's got some real potential, I don't know if you guys have had a chance to have a look at it at all. But, you know, maybe if you're using something like Unreal, it might be worth having a little play with it, see what you can come up with. Fascinating. I think it will be.  And then the other bit of news, really exciting bit of news for us is that the And Now For Something Completely Machinima podcast team, us, we are going to be hosting a live event in Leicester, and all being well, we streaming it online to on Thursday, the 9th of December, at the LCB Depot, which is a a creative environment in the heart of Leicester.  We're going to be doing this live event between 6 and 7:30pm in the evening, on the 9th of December. We're going to be doing a film review show which covers some of our favourite films from the past year. And alongside that, what we're going to be doing is discussing some of the major trends that we've observed in the world of machinima and that we've seen kind of popping out at us, if you like over the last 12 months. So if you're in the UK, do come over and join us. There's an Eventbrite link that we'll share in the notes. I appreciate that only gives you a week to plan your visit when this episode goes live, but if you can make it we'd be delighted to see you. And if you can't, hopefully you can join us online. I'll be there in person, Ricky, Phil and Damien will be online. So hopefully we'll see you then. And that's it. That's it for my news.


Damien Valentine  47:28

I'm looking forward to that live event. Yeah, me too. Yes. So all the notes will in the show notes of how to attend that and look forward to seeing all of you there. Great. So please, that wraps up all the news we've got this month. So thank you everyone for listening. Have a very excellent holiday festive season. And see you next week.

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