And Now For Something Completely Machinima

Completely Machinima 7.1 Machinima News August 2021

August 05, 2021 Ricky Grove, Tracy Harwood, Damien Valentine, and Phil Rice Season 7 Episode 1
And Now For Something Completely Machinima
Completely Machinima 7.1 Machinima News August 2021
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In this episode, Ricky, Tracy and Damien are joined by an AI of Phil, who is surprisingly agreeable.  The hosts mark the passing of machinima stalwart, Ken White, creator of TMOA and TMUnderground community radio sites.  Then the team discuss iClone 7’s lip sync contest, Whanowa’s Grand Theft Auto tutorials, updates to Nightmare Puppeteer, puppeteering in Adobe’s Character Animator, the rise of adult animation, making a cinematic with Unreal Engine 5 and Blender and performing Hamlet in Grant Theft Auto, Star Wars and Xcom among other games, and being your own architect of hell, with Hell Architect.

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Completely Machinima Podcast 7.1 August 2021: Machinima News

In this episode, Ricky, Tracy and Damien are joined by an AI of Phil, who is surprisingly agreeable.  The hosts mark the passing of machinima stalwart, Ken White, creator of TMOA and TMUnderground community radio sites.  Then the team discuss iClone 7’s lip sync contest, Whanowa’s Grand Theft Auto tutorials, updates to Nightmare Puppeteer, puppeteering in Adobe’s Character Animator, the rise of adult animation, making a cinematic with Unreal Engine 5 and Blender and performing Hamlet in Grant Theft Auto, Star Wars and Xcom among other games, and being your own architect of hell, with Hell Architect.


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Damien Valentine, Tracy Harwood, ANFSCM, Ricky Grove, Phil Rice


ANFSCM  00:08

And Now For Something Completely Machinima

Ricky Grove  00:15

Welcome to Now For Something Completely Machinima podcast for August 2021. I'm very happy to be producing this month's episode. My name is Ricky Grove, I am machinima filmmaker and sound designer. I'm also a reporter for Renderosity magazine and dabbler in all things books and fun games. And next we have


Tracy Harwood  00:40

I'm Tracy Harwood. I'm an academic I suppose in my in my full time role, but I'm also the author of Pioneers in Machinima with Ben Grussi.


Damien Valentine  00:52

And I'm Damian Valentine, also known as Darth Angeles. I'm a machinima filmmaker currently working on a Star Wars fan series of talks about a few times before, Heir to the Empire. Also a cosplayer and I am secretly working on our ghost costumes that we will be using, when we eventually turn to video for the podcast.


Ricky Grove  01:14

How nice. You've also been getting more accolades so much to the so many, so much so for one of your recent series, that you're not going to be able to have the actual title of the series because all of the awards and logos are going to be filling the screen, right?


Damien Valentine  01:30

Yeah. It's when I started it. I never expected anything like that to happen. So I got this poster, which is the thumbnail for that particular episode, not just in putting the the laurels on it, and now any more they're going to cover up the picture, the character or I can make them really tiny and then you want me to see.


Ricky Grove  01:48

Yeah, well, it's long, long overdue, and I'm really glad congratulations to you, Damien.


Damien Valentine  01:55

Thank you. I feel like I should mention your you're a part of that particular episode as well. And the series so


Ricky Grove  02:01

Yeah, I'm really happy to be working with you. You know, there are certain people you meet in the machinima community and we've been pounding on the notion of community with machinima for some time, but there's certain people that you you'll do you'll work with them on anything they ask you to do. And I'm stating publicly right now anything you do, Damien, I want to be a part of.


Damien Valentine  02:25

But that means a lot to me. Thank you, Ricky.


Ricky Grove  02:28

Sure thing. Maybe I could come up with Ricki Grove laural logo that you could add to the Ricky Grove approves?


Damien Valentine  02:37

Yes, please do I want to I will add that he sent it to me in


Ricky Grove  02:41

The Army of Darkness actor just loves this series. Oh my god. Anyway, Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for being here. Now, we want you to contact us you can see the email address at We also have a voice message thing that you can leave. Although it's generally crickets, I have to say I want to I want to give feedback thanks to Zeke365 this month for leaving comments and for supporting the show. He also mentioned that he has a few machinima movies that he thought we might be interested in and I wanted to share them with you. He said the first one is based on Myst Online Uru Live called the Lost Ark art, which he was a part for the first season. We'll have a link in the show notes for that. And then he had a second one that he said is more interesting. It's let's play in voice acting into the story so that the characters have voice actors, and sometimes break the fourth wall. Oh my god, the fourth wall breaking. crumbling fourth wall. Its based on a Paper Mario 1000 year dub, which I have never heard of. We'll link to it. It's got about 40 episodes, and he thinks it's going to be worth checking out. So thank you, Zeke, for your comments. And for those excellent links. We'll see how those turn out. 


Ricky Grove  04:08

Now, you may have noticed by now that there's a voice that's been missing, and the podcast so far, and that's Phil Rice. I'm sorry to say that Phil well, actually, I'm not sorry to say but he's on vacation with his family. And I don't know why he just values time with his family more than he values doing a podcast with the three of us, which, hey, that's okay. That's Phil, you know, but I thought I would come up with a way of keeping his presence alive by using Nvidia's open source AI, a deep learning algorithm. And I've created an AI that's based on all of Phil's comments up to this point in Completely Machinima. Now this is the first time I've ever used it. So, we're gonna pretend like Phil is here, and I'm gonna play his comments. So. So the other person on the show is Phil Rice, Phil, you there. 


Phil Rice  05:10



Ricky Grove  05:12

Hey, hey, that's great. Let's try another quick comment to see as Phil, what do you think? 


Phil Rice  05:19

No, I agree 100% 


Ricky Grove  05:22

Hey, not bad guys. All right, right?


Tracy Harwood  05:26

That's pretty awesome, isn't it that's so Phil. You'd never know he's not in here in person.


Ricky Grove  05:32

Exactly. So as we go along, we'll have Phil the AI stick his nose into our business. And we'll see how it goes,


Tracy Harwood  05:40

Hey, if you put AI in Phil, you get PhAIl. Maybe we shouldn't tell him that? 


Damien Valentine  05:47



Phil Rice  05:49

No, I agree. 100%. 


Tracy Harwood  05:52

Well, maybe with calling PhAIl from now on?


Ricky Grove  05:54

Yeah. All right, let's go on to our we're going to be doing something different. This month, we're going to be doing a new show. And then we're going to be doing a films show. But instead of doing our discussion, each of us is going to make a Let's Play video. And we'll talk about that a little bit later. But we thought it would be fun to actually do do create some machinima as part of our process instead of just yakking all the time. So we'll give you more details about that later on in the show. But for now, let's start our news. Damien, you have some sad news for us, don't you?


Damien Valentine  06:35

Yeah, it's Roger Strange, who's a longtime member of the mission of our community suddenly reported a few weeks back from when we record this that Ken White, who hosted the TMOA radio and the TMUnderground site, he put those together, he's suddenly passed away not long ago. And it's kind of even now it's still kind of hard to know exactly what to say.  He was, he put together this huge community of machinima filmmakers, initially for The Movies, video game, when the official support for that dropped, and he wanted the community to still live on to that, right people making their films with The Movies had a place to go. So you put that on, and he would, he did all these online machinima podcast and it was multiple shows a week covering different subjects. So there'd be an iClone one, there'd be a Movies, one, and there'd be so a different community winds and all that. And he did every single one of those like, it wasn't necessarily talking at each one. But he would make sure that the technology was there, he would host the the Skype calls so that the people who were talking had a platform to talk on and it can be recorded and go out. So people will listen to it live. And then if you missed it, then you could have put the podcast up a few days later so that you could download it and tune in that way. He was responsible for all of that. So his loss is a huge loss to the machinima community that that, that..,


Ricky Grove  08:18

Yeah, you have any idea when he started TMOA and TMUnderground?


Damien Valentine  08:25

No, because I wasn't really using The Movies to make machinima. So I, I didn't I wasn't there when his community started. Getting into it when it kind of expanded to other platforms. I heard about football sounds like a nice place to go. And, you know, to talk about my films and found out all these other filmmakers were there. Yeah, my new friends, and still talk to a lot of them today. And we were all really shocked about this.


Ricky Grove  08:53

I'm sure it was over a decade. We'll make sure we in our show notes, we lay that out for you a little bit of the history. I was there when it started because I was a real fan of The Movies. Before it was released. I got information about it. And once they stopped their support of it, Ken was instrumental in keeping that community alive. And then the community spread out from being just The Movies into embracing all sorts of other machinima. His place was always a safe place to go. He took care of any problems that came up he spent a lot of he took time out of his life to to support machinima and make everybody feel good, share movies, share technology and I'm sad that he's gone.


Damien Valentine  09:41

Yeah, I was lucky enough to actually meet him in person one year. 


Ricky Grove  09:45

Oh you did. Where? 


Damien Valentine  09:46

Yeah. He came to DragonCon one year when I was there. And so I was there with Ingrid. He came with Biggs Trek, who is another [Oh, yeah.] community. And yeah, we had a machinima dinner together at the convention. And that was a really fun evening. I think he was a little bit overwhelmed, because they'd never been to any kind of event like this before. [Oh, my goodness,] they've been looking around. Yeah. They're saying they've been looking around to the different rooms and looking all the costumes and sort of just completely blown away by what they were seeing. I think they had a great time. It's just one of the things they've never seen anything like before. And so I'm glad they came, and I got to have the chance to meet them.


Ricky Grove  10:37

Yeah. Our hat's off to you, Ken White, wherever you are. Thank you so much for giving your life so much of your life to the machinima community and the people in it. It's people like Ken White that makes machinima such a special place to be. Our condolences to his family and friends. Okay, let's, Tracy, you had a little piece of news for us, don't you?


Tracy Harwood  11:03

Yes, I'm slightly different types of news. Thankfully, this is the iClone 7 lip sync animation contest. Now, it's just opened as we're recording and submissions close on the 30th of September and the winners will be announced on the 13th of October. So it's not, not a long drawn out thing. And the idea here is that you create 30 seconds of video of a facial animation using iClone's facial animation tools. You can remake your favorite movie scene, TV series, music video, absolutely anything. And you can choose whatever you want as your final rendered render engine if you like and upload your video on YouTube or Vimeo. What's interesting here, I think is the way that they're marking it. I don't know if you have a look at the criteria for this so far. There. Okay, so they're looking for character animations, using lip sync accuracy with natural smooth facial expression, all the usual things you'd expect with lip sync, but they're also looking at the complimentary match between voice performance, the believability of the acting and the detail, the rendered camera and lighting work. And you also get bonus points for posting the work in progress on forums and platforms and social media. Not a lot 10% of the marks, I think for that. Which is great, because I've already seen Tom Jantol's early entry, which is spectacular as one might expect, Being Frank, and he's he's done it to a line from I think it's from The Witches of Eastwick and Cher's character, which is you've got to see it. It's hilarious, we'll put put a link in the in the show notes. So as I said, we'll have this opportunity to be selected as feature content developers, or they might even be outsourced to work on projects with Reallusion as part of the iClone community.  There's nine different categories you can enter and astonishingly $40,000 worth of prizes. [Wow.] Which is impressive, and a whole heap of sponsors. So that's really great to see. Good job. iClone, good job.


Ricky Grove  13:30

Yeah, no, I have to say they recently but two months ago, upgraded their lip sync algorithms and their facial animation in iClone. And I remember testing it out. And I was very impressed. I did a I do a news of the week video segment for Renderosity. Every week and I grabbed a character from character creator three brought him over because in what you can do the character and then you can immediately export it directly into iClone 7. And then I just use their I did I did the voiceover. And then I just use their default, with no tweaking or anything lip sync. And I got to say it was almost 95% accurate. And then I just let them do the automatic facial expression. And although that wasn't quite as good, you had to go on and tweak it a little bit. It was still extremely good. So I'm really happy to see that they're doing a contest that's showing up their advanced updates for lip sync. I mean, if you're interested in doing lip sync, the graphic interface in iClone 7 for doing that is much much improved. So I urge everybody to enter that contest. Come up with a scene make your own scene or grab it from something else and give it a try and win that $40,000 worth of prizes. Damien, are you gonna enter?


Damien Valentine  15:05

Yeah. So I almost submitted my most recent chapter to Heirs to the Empire, which is just a few days ago from when we record this. But I'd already done the lip sync and everything, so I can't show any progress on it because my choices either skip that or do it again, and I don't want to do it again. So I'll do something new, and then submit it. submit that to it. I'm very interested to give it a try. And even though I'm really going to the details, but yet, check out my Let's Play video, because I do cover some of the lip sync options in iClone in it. So if you're curious how that works, check out that and it'll give you an idea. And you should get to watch that before the contest deadline is over. So you've got plenty of time to watch and do something with it.


Ricky Grove  15:51

Excellent. I'll make sure I link that in our show notes. Well, I have got a ton of news that I want to share with you. First of all, I'd like to talk about the Whanowa tutorials for Grand Theft Auto 5. I came across these series of tutorials this week and and on his YouTube channel. That's Whanowa. Oh, first let's see what I wanted to ask what Phil thought of all of this, err, 


Phil Rice  16:17

Absolutely. My hat's off to you, Ricky, you're you're exactly exactly right. I mean, that's, that's that's the perfect way to say it. There's really nothing for me to say. 


Ricky Grove  16:27

Wow. Hmm.


Tracy Harwood  16:29

Okay, he's agreeing with you.


Ricky Grove  16:31

That's unusual, that's kind of odd. Well, anyway, thank you, Phil. Yeah, yeah. So that's Whanowa tutorials. His tutorials are fairly short. But they're funny. They're informative, and they're right up to date. His most recent is 11 Secrets on Shooting Machinima in Grand Theft Auto 5, which continues to impress me we have a film that we're going to be talking about later that was shot in Grand Theft Auto 5, which I think is the major engine for machinima creation right now. Another episode he did on how to control multiple characters, how to create unique scenes, how to use the green screen mods, he's very good about going through all of the mods, and how to set them up in Grand Theft Auto and there's a ton of mods. I mean, you could do practically anything in Grand Theft Auto mod community. So we'll put the link to the Whanowa tutorials to Grand Theft Auto in there. I think if you want to shoot in Grand Theft Auto 5, this is a great way to start doing it. Excuse me, 


Ricky Grove  17:43

I just want to mention that Mdotstrange or the artist formerly known as Mdotstrange has finished his 3d, complete full length movie, which you can check out the trailer - we'll get a link to that trailer. And he's going back to working on updating his character excuse me his Nightmare Puppeteer program, which I've had the great pleasure of working with all week. I'm creating a scene database. He's got about 45 scenes in Nightmare Puppeteer, and I'm creating a database with a description and then a picture of each one to give to the Steam Community there so they can have that as a reference. And it's been a lot of fun going through it and then learning more about it. I hope to be making some short movies in Nightmare Puppeteer. But anyway, he has a test branch which you can access and you can import USB characters directly in the Nightmare Puppeteer, that's been one of the limitations of Nightmare Puppeteers, you can bring in custom characters. And so he's taking Daz. He's really big fan of Daz Studio, which is a free Poser-like application and you can take any of the models from there and import them as USB. Also, any Unity characters you can bring in at all you import them using fdx format and he's been working on making sure that that comes in really nice. I like that a lot. He also has added a new clay function to it which allows you to create these blobs of clay and shape them into characters, or weird skin grafts or bizarre things on your head and and stick eyeballs in them. And then he's got a eyes, mouth and nose that you can push into the clay and it works with lip sync, live lip sing. So it gives you the opportunity to create these very strange characters or parts of other characters and they lip sync. So the possibilities of getting very strange have increased exponentially, so make sure you check that up on link that


Ricky Grove  20:10

Character Animator Puppet Creator has just started out one of my favorite programs in the last six months has been Adobe's Character Animator, which is a 2d animation program. It's not particularly focused on machinima, that it's not really a machinima based thing. But I like it a lot, because it's just so easy. You can live puppeteer. But one of the drawbacks of it is that you haven't been able to create your own characters, the limitations of that. I mean, it's not particularly difficult to do that, but it's time consuming. So they made their own puppet maker, and it's in beta. Now, I've tried it on my just my recent news of the week program, I made this really cool, funky character. They allow you to do modify the face, shape the eyes, ears, nose, hair, gender, color, shades of color, clothing, t shirts, important custom t shirts. And then once you've created the character you want you choose that and it immediately imports it into the graphic interface for Character Animator, and you can immediately start live puppeteering it. So I like it a lot. Couple that with their full body live puppeteering, which they've just added. And their ability to do green screen on that. You can combine 2d animation with 3d animation. And that's where I think you can plug it into machinima. So you can create a really interesting 2d character, live puppeteered and put it in a machinima background. It's very fast to do that. So that's a possibility. I'll link to that. Make sure. 


Ricky Grove  21:54

I don't feel like I mentioned that there's some a lot of news reports that talk about the booming trend of adult animation. The pandemic, despite having mostly a negative effect on everybody did have a very positive effect in the animation industry. Because animated filmmakers have this is the professional level we're talking about, had always worked remotely with each other. So when everybody had to make that huge shift from working in the office, to remote working, the animation industry was already there. Plus the desire for people who were isolated at home to see adult animation. And by adult I mean, just adult themes, not pornography, although I think the pornography industry has done really well too. So there's a booming trend in adult animation. So anybody out there listening and makes machinima, this is a great time to look for jobs in the animation industry, especially TV. If that's something you want to do, start doing some research, create a reel, and get out there and apply for jobs because they because with a rise in demand, they're going to need more people to be able to make it an entry level is one of the best places to start on. I also came across Oh, let's see what Phil has to say about that. I know he was really interested in it.


Phil Rice  23:19

I agree with Ricky 100%.


Damien Valentine  23:23

Seems to be a bit of a running theme here.


Ricky Grove  23:25

Huh? Yeah, let's let me try that one again. 


Phil Rice  23:31

I agree with Ricky 100%. Yeah.


Tracy Harwood  23:36

You guys are getting on really well, this week, yeah?


Ricky Grove  23:39

Yeah, yeah. 


Phil Rice  23:40

Oh, I loved it. I loved everything about it. Right. 


Ricky Grove  23:47

Okay. All right. Thanks, Phil.


Damien Valentine  23:49

Just know that normally behind the scenes, Ricky and Phil look at each other's throats. So this is very unusual for us. 


Ricky Grove  23:56



Ricky Grove  23:57

It is a little strange.


Tracy Harwood  23:59

It's really nice.


Damien Valentine  24:01

It's nice to see it. It's


Tracy Harwood  24:01

just yeah, it's lovely. It's lovely. 


Phil Rice  24:03

No, I agree. 100%.


Damien Valentine  24:06

He thinks so too. Yeah. 


Ricky Grove  24:07

Okay. Thanks, Phil.  This is a side of film we've never seen before. That's great. Yeah. Okay, continuing on. And we don't have a lot more here. I wanted to get your guys's comments on this so far. But there's an excellent new video at YouTube called How to Make a Cinematic with Unreal Engine 5 and Blender. I believe it was the Epic Games who put it up. And it's an excellent introduction to using the Unreal Engine 5, which is, by the way is accessible in beta now and it's just magnificent. It's just so great. They've made so many excellent improvements. They've got so much development and they've been listening to the community and then combining that with Blender. Blender has really grown as an open source 3d application combining that with Unreal Engine is just great. And they have a direct import. So you can go directly from what you create in Blender into the Unreal Engine 5, lickety split, no problem. But this is specifically on how to make a cinematic. And if you tie that in with the adult animated series article I was just talking about, you've got two great sources to be able to create a cinematic, test cinematic that you can send in for your application to work in the animated film industry in Hollywood. Ain't that great.


Phil Rice  25:33

Yeah, I have to say once again, Ricky is just 100%. Right spot on. Yeah,


Tracy Harwood  25:44

Okay. That's great. I'm loving this.


Damien Valentine  25:47

Phil's so agreeable this week? Yeah. Yeah.


Ricky Grove  25:51

Well, I do have some fun, humorous news. I'd like to share with you guys do what you think. Now when I first started on the internet. I remember the internet Relay Chat. IRC. [Yeah.] Which is a kind of, I don't know, how do you describe it? It's a you, you can you fill in a chat, just like a regular chat that you see in zoom or something like but imagine it, like, on steroids, where 100 people are all typing simultaneously. And you get the scrolling, less listed link of comments and statements. And it's really hard. You can you can write a question. And then seven pages later, somebody can answer it. So it's really, it's odd. And I remember one of the first things I did is I joined a live production of Macbeth. This was when AOL was really big. And it was people from all over the world would come in, and they would type their line in the Macbeth play one after the other, and on IRC, and it was fun. But it also had its share of trolls who came in and sort of disrupted the whole thing. I think that's the spirit of anarchy and the internet that was really strong early in internet history. So recently, in Grand Theft Auto, a online player tried to perform Hamlet, typing in a speech and everything, I think on a beach in one of the cities. Now, I have to question this fellow's choice of Grand Theft Auto as a place to perform Hamlet, you know what I mean? It's like he was asking for trouble. Well, he started to get through the monologue, and everybody started shooting him, eating him and smashing him and so he would die, and then get up and try to perform it again. And then everybody would kick him down. So he finally just gave up. And I want to commend this unnamed person for trying to perform Hamlet. But next time, try to find a game that is less prone to violence. I mean, if you want to do something in I mean, if you want to do something in Grand Theft Auto to stand up, then you create a big giant troll with a club of goes around beating everybody or, or something like that. You want to do Hamlet inside of what, what engine you guys think would be a good one to perform Hamlet in?


Damien Valentine  28:29

I will say Star Trek Online. Because one of the running jokes is that Klingons really like Shakespeare, get a load of Klingon characters, and have them perform Hamlet. And it's an online game. So you can do it in a big open community. They can perform it in one of those and see what kind of audience they get. And you get bonus points if you can perform it actually in Klingon as well.


Ricky Grove  28:52

Oh, there you go. A challenge to the machinima community, and a much better place to perform Shakespeare. Do you have any ideas Tracy?


Tracy Harwood  29:02

Well, I don't think you can beat that can actually actually, we've got a great little film that we're going to be talking about. It was made in Xcom. Damien. Oh, and you know, that looks really impressive. I'd quite like to see something like a Hamlet in Xcom maybe


Ricky Grove  29:19

Maybe Half Life 2. Maybe you could get the guards to perform the Half Life 2 with the Polonius could be the Gman. You know?


Damien Valentine  29:31

Yeah. You get paid in creatures to be the three witches.


Ricky Grove  29:37

That's right.


Tracy Harwood  29:38

What does Phil thinks? Do you think Phil might like to be in this?


Ricky Grove  29:42

Well, let's see...


Phil Rice  29:43

You're absolutely right. Yeah.  I have to say once again, Ricky is just 100% right. Spot on.


Tracy Harwood  29:53

Well, there you go. Yeah, that you know what that means, though. Rick, it means that you've actually got to, you know, do all the prep work and actually get the performance filmed and everything, it'd be really cool. I'll be in the audience.


Ricky Grove  30:05

Sure. Let me get back to you on that one, when I'll send you a dribble email.


Tracy Harwood  30:13

Send me a link. Yeah,


Damien Valentine  30:15

That's another thing was fun in Mass Effects in the series is a running joke between the original three games that kind of progresses across the trilogy, is they get this group of aliens to perform Hamlet. And it lasts. It's a 12 hour performance, because they talk very slow and deep like this. So they talked about in the first game, it's kind of it's gonna happen in the second game. You get it happened. And so they broadcasting clips so you can buy your tickets to go and see it performed live. And then the third one, they're doing the home movie version, you can actually go and see them filming some of it.


Ricky Grove  30:58

I like that. Hey, you know something, I think for our online notes for the show. I'm going to do a little research and see if I can come up with some of the Shakespeare adaptations in various game engines. Yeah, machinima Shakespeare. Because I know recently I came across a Macbeth that was a student in high school who used what was it? I think it was Sims. Sims 2 to do scenes some Macbeth as part of their homework project. They're sort of extra credit. And I you know, it was hinky, but it was still really fun to watch it to see them try it out. Especially the all the young voices trying to sound mature. And in playing Macbeth, you know? What, what bloody man? What bloody man is that?


Damien Valentine  31:53

That's great, though, because it gives them a chance to do something that maybe they wouldn't get to do.


Ricky Grove  31:58

Yes, I mock them. But I believe me, I would have done the same thing. So we'll do a little research. And can you guys do some to? Yeah. And then we'll when we do our blog post for this will give you a little little more. 


Tracy Harwood  32:12

Maybe we should do an episode on classics in machinima.


Ricky Grove  32:17

I like that. Let's do that.


Damien Valentine  32:20

Yeah, and if anyone listening to this is making something that's a classic, let us know. And we can talk about it.


Ricky Grove  32:26

Yes, please. And Phil, what do you think? 


Phil Rice  32:29

No, I agree. 100%.


Tracy Harwood  32:33

Awesome. Well, we should make Phil the editor of that issue, don't you think are the co host of that?


Phil Rice  32:39

Yeah, you're absolutely right. 


Ricky Grove  32:41

Yeah. Excellent. You know, something? I'm gonna I hate to say this, but I don't think we need Phil anymore.


Tracy Harwood  32:52

We've already got him, haven't we?


Damien Valentine  32:53

This technology that's been created you can make a fortune out of it. because it'd be so useful. Yeah, yeah.


Tracy Harwood  32:59

I wonder what an AI version of me with sound. Winey, wingey, maybe.


Ricky Grove  33:07

So Phil, do you? Do you want to just stay this way as an AI? 


Phil Rice  33:11

No, I agree. 100%. 


Ricky Grove  33:13

Well, there we go. Oh, wow. That's my last bit. I want to or last two bits. I want to congratulate Ben Tuttle for reaching 100 subscribers to his YouTube iClone channel. Congratulations, Ben. Nice.


Damien Valentine  33:30

Yeah, congratulations. And then


Ricky Grove  33:32

Closing it out. With the lovely dog barking in the background. I'd like to mention a game a steam game that I came across that I just have to share the description of this game with you. Now, I know a lot of independent developers really want to do something unique to stand out among the Steam game crowd right. This was beyond the pale. The game is called Hell Architect. And they describe it as a hell colony sim which the mind boggles. But anyway, it's described as being able to build and manage your own hell you take care of sinners with funny cartoon style tortures. You fill their needs, you develop buildings, you gather resources, you grow your population.


Tracy Harwood  34:36

Is this what he meant by adults machinima?


Ricky Grove  34:39

Oh, I've never thought of it that way. You're right. Having your own hell to torture people as you see fit. And don't forget those funny cartoon style tortures. Yeah, so anyway, anybody who's interested in wanting to be a kind of devil, overseer of hell, Hell Architect is your is your ticket indie game on Steam. There's a free standalone version of the game, which we will link to in our show notes.


Damien Valentine  35:09

I've just added it to my Steam wish list as you're speaking because this sounds like a great thing to play,


Ricky Grove  35:14

oh, yeah, I just want to get some of those. Perhaps, you know, I wish I would have recorded some of the funny cartoon style tortures. That would have been interesting to see how they actually did the sound for that. Oh. Oh, I don't know. That's just that's what I imagined. What do you think, Phil? 


Phil Rice  35:34

You're absolutely right. Yeah. 


Ricky Grove  35:38

Okay. Well, with that, that's our news show for the week. It's a little bit of a short one. But we're happy to be here. Again, we want to thank Zeke365 for contacting us, one of the few that have.  Please contact us, let us know what you think. Your comments your ideas drive the show. If you want us to promote a YouTube as long it isn't. It isn't something that's absolutely. Well, let's just say any hell related machinima will probably not be promoted here. But then again, who knows? We'll see. So thank you, Tracy, and Damien for being here today. Check our show notes. We'll be back for our next segment, which would be our film segment. Thank you much. Take care. Bye bye.

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