And Now For Something Completely Machinima

Completely Machinima 4.2 Films of the Month May 2021

May 13, 2021 Ricky Grove and Phil Rice Season 4 Episode 2
And Now For Something Completely Machinima
Completely Machinima 4.2 Films of the Month May 2021
Tracy's Pick: Mandalorian Rap
Ricky on Still Seeing Breen machinima
Ricky's Pick Citizen Log 0001
Damien on Star Citizen history
Phil's comments on facial expressions in film
Damien's Pick: Star Wars video called shadow of the Republic by cinematic captures
Tracy on the sound in the film
Phil on Star Wars music and Chewbacca's lack of variety in speech sounds
Phil on why he didn't choose a movie this month
And Now For Something Completely Machinima
Completely Machinima 4.2 Films of the Month May 2021
May 13, 2021 Season 4 Episode 2
Ricky Grove and Phil Rice

And Now For Something Completely Machinima is a podcast devoted to machinima (movies made in game engines). This month (May 2021) we are splitting our 4th podcast into four sections which will post once a week: Machinima News (May 6), Machinima Films (May 13), Machinima Discussion (May 20) along with several interviews which we will publish separately throughout the month. 

Episode 4 was produced by Damien Valentine who is joined by hosts Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, and Tracy Harwood.

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The hosts share their monthly machinima film favorites. Tracy recommends The Mandalorian Rap by JT Music, Ricky chose citizen logs 0001 by geeks actively making entertainment, and Tracy shared her pick which was a Star Wars video called shadow of the Republic by cinematic captures.  There is considerable discussion of the films and their merits (or flaws).

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And Now For Something Completely Machinima is a podcast devoted to machinima (movies made in game engines). This month (May 2021) we are splitting our 4th podcast into four sections which will post once a week: Machinima News (May 6), Machinima Films (May 13), Machinima Discussion (May 20) along with several interviews which we will publish separately throughout the month. 

Episode 4 was produced by Damien Valentine who is joined by hosts Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, and Tracy Harwood.

Contact and Feedback for this show:

The hosts share their monthly machinima film favorites. Tracy recommends The Mandalorian Rap by JT Music, Ricky chose citizen logs 0001 by geeks actively making entertainment, and Tracy shared her pick which was a Star Wars video called shadow of the Republic by cinematic captures.  There is considerable discussion of the films and their merits (or flaws).

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Announcer  0:00  
And now for something completely machinima

Damien  0:06  
Welcome to the next part of our Star Wars Space Fighting Scifi-themed episode. Today we'll be looking at our film section of the month. We'll be keeping on theme with the space with ah ... so, um, Tracy, you've found something good?

Tracy Harwood  0:28  
Yeah, I've got a great little film I think you'll really enjoy. It's called the Mandalorian rap by JT music, which, when I found it a couple of weeks ago was that these guys were called JT machinima. So they changed their name in the last couple of weeks. For whatever reason, I'm not too sure. Anyway, this, this film, this Mandalorian rap was released on eighth of February last year. It's a very witty and cleverly done rap song to extract from the Mandalorian. Basically, it's it's not about the Mandalorian or about grabouw. But it's, it's about being a single dad. This particular one has subtitles so that those of you who are struggling to sort of follow the the rap itself or can just appreciate the real depth of width that's gone into writing, writing the the rap itself, it's brilliant. JT music is actually a two man group with quite a colorful cast of subcontractors, who round out their team, the two primary members of it are john otherwise known as Pat and Christian, who's otherwise known as skull. And basically, these are two guys that that grew up across the street from one another in Southern Maine, they started this, this production company, accidentally when they created their first music video, back in 2008, posted on online to basically to share it with friends and family, which, which went viral within 48 hours. And, you know, they're clearly prolific, these guys make hundreds or have made hundreds of hundreds of video game wraps over the years since 2008. And you can catch some of it on on their YouTube channel, I say these guys are not professional. They're happy for folks to use their songs. But there are very clear licensing terms and conditions which you need to read before you do use any of their songs. What I really like about this is these guys are clearly a great example of doing what they love to do for fun, but they also make it pay. And it's really really well done. What did you guys think?

Phil  2:54  
I loved it particular the music, the the amount of craft that clearly was employed, not just with the wit and the rhythm of the lyric, but the the actual music, composition, it's just exceptionally well done. And very, it's nice to see someone with the talent and also taking the time to get it right. Like that. And yeah, it's I'm sure all that practice from all the many, many videos, like you said, is part of that. They're they're really good at what they do. And it was it was very enjoyable to watch.

Damien  3:29  
I have to agree. And I'm not particularly talented, creating music myself, but I also like to listen and the song like this, you can tell that they spent a lot of time getting the looks right. And I was impressed by how they captured the theme of the theme of the Mandalorian show, which is the single dad looking after his boy and obviously in the mandatory dangerous world they live in and be part of it then lots of memes about single dad caring for his child. But fans have made and obviously these guys have taken it a step further and created an entire song about that. So I think they did a really good job on it and it fits the show perfectly.

Ricky Grove  4:17  
Yeah, yeah, I agree with Phil and, and you Damian very, very excellent music and the story that when he died when he lyrics I enjoyed it more the second time I watched it. It's such a well edited and well composed songs. It was also an interesting experience because great machinima producers great producers of anything. One of their pieces that acts like a doorway that opens them up to the rest of their work. As soon as I saw this, I wanted to see tons more of their work. And I just started swallowing up all of their their very Active they create tons and tons of music videos. And all of them are witty and funny. I just loved it. And I'm really glad you picked it. It's such a usually this is the kind of thing that I don't like but this I just loved. I thought it was great.

Tracy Harwood  5:17  
Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed it too this there are other Star Wars theme videos on there as well. One I want another one I picked out was Star Wars Jedi, fallen order rap, which was a 2019 one that's that's another great one similar sort of thing. Similar great storytelling, great music. millions of views. Really, really impressive stuff.

Ricky Grove  5:41  
It reminded me a little bit of the it had the same impact that still seeing bream music video. All those of you who are older machinima fans, by Paul What's his last name? Paul?

Tracy  5:57  

Ricky Grove  5:58  
Marino! He did a halflife video using the G man as the central character and a very popular music. He didn't compose original music for it. But it was just so funny and so witty. And it was great to see that g man capering about in ways that you just didn't expect him to, to react. But I just love this. And I can't wait to see more of JT music's work and creations. Yeah,

Damien  6:30  
it's good film. So, Ricky, what did you choose? This month,

Ricky Grove  6:35  
I chose a lot of movies. That's one of the fun things about doing the film selections is because I just have list after list after list every day, I go to YouTube and I type machinima in and I select 24 hours. And I see what's been posted there at YouTube boy, and also at Vimeo. And I come up with the most interesting things. And of course, this is space themed. So I came up with an interesting movie shot in star citizen called citizen logs 0001 by geeks actively making entertainment. And it's a it's a log of a person in this universe of star travel. And the most interesting thing about this person, which I think the game encourages, I think it's built into the game using the director mode, to be able to create these sort of logs. And that's an old sci fi trope of the person in a science fiction film either on a space station or a ship making logs that they send other back to their, their relatives or that they are required to as part of their their job. So this is a log, but the difference is that the person making the log is a complete and utter loser. And it's all done in sort of black humor. Very much like the Eastern European science fiction that I loved so much Stanislaw Lem, and the strugatsky brothers and all of those, and you follow his adventures, having spent all of his money on a new spacesuit, he decides. And of course, it's everybody's everybody else's fault, that he's having troubles and he's spent all of his money. So he's got that Woody Allen sort of nebbish quality to him. And he decides he wants to do something that makes them money, but he can't shoot anything. He's not a soldier, he's not smart. So he starts looking on the sort of bullet bulletin board kind of thing. And he sees that there are bounties, and one of the bounty is for lost people. So he decides he's gonna take this bounty for this last person who got lost exploring a cave. So he flies to this cave. And of course, he has these awful Adventures On The Way because he's not very good at flying a ship. And of course, it's the ship's fault, the ship's design fault, and the actor, playing this role is just as an actor myself, I was so impressed with his ability to be the kind of character that you want to scream at. But you laugh at the same time, you know, and so he ends up going to finding this cave, he goes to the cave, he ends up falling down a hole. And it's, of course, it's not his fault that he fell down the hole, and it's floating around, he comes across a dead body in a spacesuit. And he realizes it's the guy that he's looking for. And so yay, he's going to make the money. He's just got to get the guy. let the people know that he's here. But he realizes falling down the hole. He's completely lost in this cave system, and he has no idea how to get out. And of course, it's panic, I'm gonna die. Oh my god, this is terrible. So he crawls and crawls and crawls, and you go through his complaining and his fears and he finally gets away out. And he's so delighted because he's going to get the reward. gets in a ship takes off. And that's the end that's number one of a series of journals that he does. I thought it was a it was really well shot, Star Citizen is Director mode really makes it easy to, to move the camera around to create focal length to create different camera kind of shots in it. The guy use the camera really well. But it was the performance in the writing. I don't know how much was ad lib and how much was scripted. But it is so funny. And it's very black human way. And it's an anti Star Wars. Whereas the hero would be somebody who constantly achieves he gets the girl he takes care of the villains. He's an expert in everything. This guy was a failure at everything. And you saw that all the way through. And I just loved that. I just thought it was so funny and so interesting. And I'm not excited about Star. citizen, I'd like to make something in that game. I'm going to definitely buy it right off the bat.

Damien  11:03  
Yes, this is a video I really enjoyed as well. I've been following star citizen's development ever since the original crowdfunding campaign. And it's been a long time coming, and there's still a long way to go. So I kind of drifted an outfit. So when I saw his video, you kind of get the feel for how far it's come since. Well, basically since it launched, and they had like the short video they'd put together. But part of it is they wanted to have people playing them live out their own space fantasy no matter what it is. So the guy made this video. His fancy was obviously to be be the loser who has this misadventure and is complaining all the way through. And this gives me the freedom to do that. And I think this video really shows that I can do and it's also very interesting to have that sort of vlog format. So it's sort of like a next play video. But it's not because he's completely in character and the character is in the world. he's not, he's not the player. Talking here is the character. That's a good one. Yeah, it's kind of cool that filter, but in a different kind of way. And I really enjoyed it.

Ricky Grove  12:17  
Now, you mentioned at one point, you said that the developers had encouraged people to send them videos. And that's how the director's mode came about. Right? Yes, right. So

Damien  12:30  
the crowdfunding campaign was successful. And about a month later, the developers are tired and office space and that they moved in. And they got to work on the game. But they wanted to keep the community updated and involved, but they didn't really have anything to show because the game was basically just starting. So one of the developers, he decided to host a weekly video session, where he would answer questions that the fans had sent in and give them updates on the game. So he's done that for a few weeks. And then one fan had thrown together this sci fi costume. And he recorded a video of himself, as if he's having some sort of space adventure, shooting things that could you could see on camera, and you just kind of stop turn the camera said, I didn't know this mission, but I really want to know, will the game let me do whatever this question was, and then he kind of carried on through it in the video first. And that is by other faster sending videos like that. And they became the point where they were only answering questions in video format, because they were getting so many of them. And then fans started saying, Well, can we actually make videos in star citizen? when it's released and diverted? Yeah, we'd like to see that. And then they started looking at how could they make that easier for fans to do so the directors mode that we see use in this video is the result of that many years later, but that's how it got started.

Ricky Grove  14:04  
That's so smart of them.

Phil  14:06  
One thing I'm curious about, I don't know how much you know about it. Damian. But I was sucked into this video, like with the first 30 seconds simply because of the accuracy of the lip sync was quite good and the facial expressions. And I'm curious about if you know, like, how is that? How does the game capture that? Is that something that somebody had to go back and edit similar to how you would do if you were doing at night clone or is it? Is it maybe picking it up off of a webcam or? I'm really curious about that because I mean that the character when he's speaking at the beginning, you know, his eyebrows will raise and eyes get real wide and at one point he kind of puffs his cheeks is like, it didn't really even matter what was going to happen the rest of it. I was determined to watch the whole thing just because you just don't see people puff their cheeks at machinima very often, let's be honest. I can't make you know, maybe in The Sims, but you can't control them. They knew it. You know? Do you know much about how that part of it works? Damien,

Damien  15:11  
I can't go. I don't know all the specifics. But I do remember a few years ago, they were talking about how they were to incorporate voice chat in the game too, because it's an online game. So they want players to be able to voice chat with each other. So they wanted to make it, there was not just a voice chat. So they would incorporate the lip sync would automatically be whatever's coming through the microphone, and it goes straight on to their character. And I believe they were looking at face square to get the whole webcam facial,

Phil  15:37  
that must be good, then yeah, it's very effective. I mean, maybe not as, as, you know, spot on accurate as what somebody used to work in an unreal or AI clone would like but I mean, if that's just done, if what we see here is what was captured at the time of recorded, it's quite remarkable. Like, if you think about how much work it would take to handcraft those motions of face and, or like Ricky was talking about with a clone, in the previous episode of, you know, recording it a layer at a time, which is wonderful to be able to do that. But that's a lot of time. And the fact that it got this, this good result, and maybe I don't know how well it will work for serious stuff, it worked really well for comedy. Anyway, I was I was impressed by that they the feel of the story. And that whole, you know, kind of born loser element that, that Ricky picked up on reminded me of a very old text adventure game made by infocomm, written by a guy named Steve moravsky. And it was called planetfall. It's one of those interactive fiction, where it's just text on the screen. So if you're, you know, younger than me, you're probably going Why would I want to do that? I remember this, as Jim gaffigan once once famously said, someone he talked about having seen a movie and really loved it. And someone says, yo, the book is much better than the movie. And his responses. You know, what I like about the movie? No reading. So yeah, I don't know if they would get text adventures but zork and games like that? Well, anyway, planetfall that a little got a little away from me there. But planet vol you, the protagonist that you control is essentially a janitor. I mean, he's he's got like, the lowest rank in the space force possible. And his job is to mop the decks. And he's on this spaceship planning to go AWOL. And the spaceship crashes onto the planet. And he's there alone, basically, and having to kind of solve this mystery and solve these different puzzles. And he encounters this. This this weird little robot named Floyd. But yeah, his whole the beginning of it. The sense of this character that you get is that he's, he's, you know, he's a, he's an underachiever, let's say. And, yeah, this, this film gave me that same sense. And it's just wonderfully acted, wonderfully performed. And what I loved most about it was the fact that whatever performance capture that they're using their whatever that tech is, it went really well with the performance that actor was giving like it, I feel like I got a real sense of what that actor was doing with their face and with their, you know, mouth and all of that. So whatever the tech is, it's very impressive and seems like it'd be a lot of fun.

Damien  18:42  
Tracy, Tracy,

Ricky Grove  18:43  
what was your reaction? 

Tracy Harwood  
18:46 Well, I loved it. I thought it was, it was a really, really great story. I love the style of it. The last time I'd seen this sort of style use was in the Martian Matt Damon's sort of monologic sort of self documenting style that was told with with with more positivity and humor and what have you, this guy's you know, you just completely got who this guy was, and he was not somebody you'd be proud to know. I don't think probably even his mother would probably say something very similar. The way he was talking about her, but yeah, I absolutely loved it. It was such a well developed character, even though it was a monologue it you know, you really got a sense of who the guy was. And, you know, the, the actor clearly got into that into that character, the sense of a backstory as well, which I also really enjoyed. So, yeah, brilliant, really loved it really would like to have a go with that game actually, as well. Just to see how you can do all of that.

Ricky Grove  19:53  
Can you imagine you were the guy who's the head of the booth or the place that has all of the job listings when the when this fellow comes in, you know, I wouldn't take it would take you 10 minutes 10 minutes to finally get to ask the question that you wanted to ask. Yeah, it's the kind of thing when you're in a bookstore and you're working in a bookstore and a cat person like that comes in and you just immediately grown yourself.

Damien  20:27  
See, Ricky, I think it's another film idea that you can do is have a film about the guy in that place.

Ricky Grove  20:34  
That's true. I never, I never thought it that's, that's very good. Very good.

Tracy Harwood  20:39  
Yeah, no, I really enjoyed it. Great, pig. Great.

Damien  20:44  
So this month I picked to keep on theme, I picked a Star Wars video called shadow of the Republic. Now, this is made by cinematic captures. So YouTube channel emesis, I believe is a small team that puts these videos together. And they're using the Unreal game engine to do this, but and if done quite a few of them I picked shatter the republic because it's sort of ties in with the Clone Wars cartoon series. In a suppose a group of code troopers on this mission, and they've been told to, to go and deal with this politician who is a traitor. And the cones protecting him are actually the droids, which are the bad guys in the Clone Wars, in wearing the armor as a disguise. So these troops go in and they carry out the mission. But you kind of get the this kind of thing where just before they killed the politician. He's surprised. So there because he's not actually a traitor. And they've been set on this mission to assassinate him for the money realize it. And I just really like the whole animation style with it. Because the rooms are set up look fantastic. And so did the character costumes, that there's kind of an element of is this actually animated? Or is it these people actually wearing costumes when the camera and I kind of stood out to me a little bit. And also, the voices of the clones sound just like the voice actor that voiced the clones in the series. So check the credits to make sure how they got him in it, but he hadn't, someone's doing a really, really good impression. And I think that also helps capture the atmosphere of the series and links in nicely with the official productions. So as you guys,

Phil  22:38  
as I've mentioned, at some point, me and my son, our work working our way through during this past year of COVID, working our way through the whole Clone Wars series, they're the original stuff and then also Star Wars Rebels. The thing that jumped out to me about this is having just recently watched those and I realized that those were made quite a few years before this. But the visual fidelity, the quality of the visuals in this and the lighting and everything is way better than the professional television show. It really is much better looking image, much more dynamic contrast, the lighting and the way the light interacts with the costumes and everything which is I mean, I don't think any of us by this point are surprised that Unreal Engine can do that. Obviously, with the professional uses, it's got as well. But anyway, so in that respect, it was great and I I owe to Damien, I didn't go checking the credits, but I was not sure whether that was the actual actor that voices the clones, and also, you know, Boba Fett in the in the Mandalorian that that actor and Jango Fett in the movie? We should probably know his name, but I don't.

Damien  24:02  
In the time was cartoon it's actually a different voice actor. Oh, is it real in the cones? It's tomorrow, Morrison dating the live action installments in the Mandalorian TV show but different voice actor whose name I should know as well. I prayed. I don't

Phil  24:20  
know, if it really lent to the the authentic feel of the story. If there's any criticism that I would have, it's there was a it wasn't hard for me to get a little bit confused about who was who. And especially with them. You know, just like in clone wars with everyone sharing the same voice. You got to really make sure that the camera makes clear who is who and also if it's going to be at all important for these characters to be identified as distinct individuals. I found that the technique that they used in the show was to give them some kind of a visual identifier that made them look different from the others. So especially with the bad batch, Damien, you'll know who I'm talking about there, that group of contradictory, they're getting their own show here in the very near future on Disney plus, those are all clones as well. But each one of them has a different look, and maybe even a slightly different tone of voice, even if it's the same voice. Yeah, where you can identify them by name, or by nickname very easily. And I feel like a challenge in shows like this, in shows like red versus blue, any of the helmet shows where they're going to look very similar, that some kind of distinctive mark, there were some distinctive marks By the way, they didn't all look exactly the same, but I feel like that the differences visually were very subtle, to where, you know, with. If you've only got this length of time to watch the video, I've got to be able to identify with them in some way fairly quickly. Here's another Star Wars is an example of a brilliant, essentially prop that was used to help the audience with this problem. And that is in The Force Awakens. The storm trooper who ends up this is so stupid that I can't remember his name, the one who ends up becoming a major character, fin. fin. Thank you. Boy, that is really dumb. I

Damien  26:43  
can come up with a game card. Yeah,

Phil  26:45  
fin this Stormtrooper who in the opening scenes of the movie kind of wakes up to the situation that he's in and doesn't doesn't want to be a stormtrooper anymore. Well, early on in the battle, another trooper dies and like, puts a bloody smears a bloody handprint on his helmet. And that wasn't just for, you know, for gore's sake, for every scene after that, where there's 100 other stormtroopers there, you can easily right away boom I know who've been is I know which one finish with the helmet on. That's a brilliant tactic built right into the story. Because that blood and seeing that guy die is kind of what woke him up. So it's got that significance. But also, it just makes it really easy for us to tell who's who, you can see that in all kinds of movies that have similar looking characters, there'll be some kind of distinctive bark or change in uniform or something that just makes the character your shows a little bit different. And I feel like that they could have done that a little bit better in this movie, but overall production quality and everything just really well done.

Tracy Harwood  27:50  
Can I just pick up on that? I didn't detect what you just mentioned there because what I thought that was particularly good about it, although although they you know, the visuals were great and everything but I thought what was particularly good was the soundscape and the scalp soundscape for me operators on two levels, which is where I thought the continuity was really clever. The first bit being inside the helmet of the lead character. And every time I you heard them talk to one another you always heard it through the warm helmets. Well that's what I picked I thought I picked up okay, which to me was the continuity of who is the character and I thought that was brilliantly done really nice touch I hadn't really seen or haven't been aware of that being done so well in other similar types of you know, helmet films that I've seen that sort of inside you know way of doing the continuity rather than the the the distinction between the the uniforms if you like of the right

Phil  29:01  
right that hadn't made an impression on me I'll look forward to watching that again and pay more attention to that I'm glad

Ricky Grove  29:08  
I'd like to do the same thing Yeah.

Tracy Harwood  29:11  
The other the other part of the you know the the soundscape of course was was the you know, the music Overlay and that office so I didn't know whether that was a break in the continuity really because that operated as a an overarching and maybe a dominant level but this inside the helmets and I thought were worked really well. For me,

Phil  29:33  
I think are some productions the music would be overwhelming but in the style of Star Wars. Star Wars has always been there's music almost every moment of the films like it's just john Williams all over the place it there's there's never rarely rarely a quiet moment with no score going on. I actually years ago. I think probably I'm one of the old overcast podcasts Ricky and I We're talking about it. And that was something that that tended to aggravate Ricky of there can be too much score, you know, and I think he's right that it can be that way. But in this instance, that is the stylistic approach, I think that's been established for Star Wars that it's going to have score throughout pretty much. Let's cook different themes for different characters that kick in, and they weave together. And there's a Luke theme, and then there's a laya theme. And then when Luke and lay are talking it weaves in both and I mean, john Williams is just an absolute genius. Really, really, just and even to say that it's like, that's, that's an understatement. So as far as I'm concerned, he is absolutely amazing. So yeah, I think that it's it's consistent with the way that you score in Star Wars, generally speaking. Yeah,

Ricky Grove  30:51  
there was an interview with Lucas that I read on preparing for the show in which he talked about music and sound being 50% of the production. I'd say in some films, it's 75% of the production for him, because that's typical of his work. He loves to orchestrate sound and music and, and I think it's important to note that he includes sound in that as well. Because the sound was really really great.

Damien  31:22  
Yeah, sounds definitely a big part of Star Wars. It's got very distinctive sound effects. Like, if you hear a lightsaber, sound, lightsaber, hum, you know, instantly what it is, even if you can't see it, or Thai fighter. These are quite nicely in the films as well as you hear the sound of the engine before you see it. And the characters recognize it yesterday as well. So yeah, but the characters and the audience know what's coming, and they can both react to it. And I think the first thing that Star Wars does really well.

Tracy  31:53  
It certainly does.

Phil  31:54  
If I can if I can be a little bit of devil's advocate here on oh god here. But Has anyone else noticed that there's like, I think there are basically I'm gonna say there are five different sounds that Chewbacca makes those same five sounds not someone imitating those. Those five sounds. Throughout all the Star Wars appearances are Chewbacca, that's the that's them. Or Oh, even worse, I think that the the Imperial probe droid pants that the guy yeah, there's two sounds. Every time there's an imperial probe droid in any Star Wars movie and the Star Wars series printer.

Damien  32:49  
Oh, no, it's transmitting on location.

Phil  32:54  
It's the same sound tool. So then when you have on hot where's the Imperial probe droid? And then Chewbacca, you know, trying to get attention. It's like, they only need it for sound effects for that entire scene. And one of them was the boat blaster shot from home.

Tracy  33:14  
One was the explosion. The third one was

Phil  33:18  
they just had a Where's that? Where do we keep that? Was poppin Imperial probe droid.

Ricky Grove  33:29  
mixer on that day was very happy and probably took a long lunch.

Phil  33:34  
Yeah, you know, if people make royalties on sound samples, that dude is just killing it, right. It was probably an outtake from some other things. But he'll be funny if I did. My dad. That'd be great.

Phil  33:49  

Phil 33:50  
that is gold.

Phil  33:53  
Again, please. Ah, get your data back.

Phil  33:59  
Anyway, alright, I've got that on my system. Thank you. I

Unknown Speaker  34:01  
feel like you thank you for

Damien  34:03  
sharing. In se Empire when there's a pro choice I know exactly who to cast to do the sound effects for it.

Phil  34:10  
That's That's right. It'll get picked up by YouTube as a copyright violation because there is only one sound for Imperial probe droid

Phil  34:21  
today, but that's it.

Phil  34:27  
oh, yeah. With that, I guess let's move on to to my pick for this week, which Yeah, I don't I don't have I don't have a pick this week. Have you ever or this month? So

Ricky Grove  34:45  
you're not gonna weasel out of this one. Phil. Come on, you know.

Phil  34:50  
Okay, so I used to think that in the days of Netflix and Hulu, and even Disney plus, we've got Netflix, we've got Hulu. We've got Disney plus And yet somehow, sometimes you're right back in the same boat as you were when you had cable TV, which is that you turn it on and you're like, oh my god 810 channels and there's nothing. I just there's nothing to watch, you know? And Netflix is that way now, you know? once once you binge enough, then it's like, well now what am I gonna watch? You know? Or you go to Hulu and you discover a great new show. Tracy? Oh, Damien you might be familiar with using to Doc Martin. Yes. Ever seen Doc Martin?

Ricky Grove  35:40  
Oh my god.

Phil  35:41  
It's a revelation. It's so good. So good. It's like Dr. House meets Colombo meets. I don't know what it's so wonderful. There's only five seasons on Hulu. And then now it's we watched it all in like two weeks. You know? Of course British seasons tend to be a little shorter than ours, but still. And you reach a point where? Okay, even Hulu or Netflix even they don't know what to recommend. They're just like, ah, I don't know, one of the police academy movies. Here tried to try this if you ever watched this really bad Swiss knockoff of the Vikings show? No, no. So that to me was my hunting experience. I'm kind of embarrassed now. Because you guys looking specifically for sci fi machinima. found these three picks while metal and rap isn't really machinima is it but still you found something to talk about? Right?

Tracy Harwood  36:43  
Because I did struggle to find

Phil  36:47  
I was hours. Yes stuff. And none of them are anything that I would want to talk about on here. Because I don't want people to hate me, you know? For for either being nice to a horrible film or being awful to a just okay film. And I just really couldn't. And now I'm like, I listened brickie to what you said your method was which is just look for the stuff in the last 24 hours which I've done that from time to time. But this time I went specifically I guess my Google food just isn't very good because I man I could not find anything that I'd want to talk about it it actually made me quite irritated.

Ricky Grove  37:27  
Well, don't forget you can always pull pull a classic that you love from the past.

Phil  37:31  
And I was so tempted to do that but and then the next thing you know, it's like the last minute and Damien's reminded me yesterday of Phil, you still have a pic man. I'm like, Oh, crap. You know, and so then I didn't even leave myself enough time to to thoughtfully pick one from the archive. So yeah, that's that's my that's my situation. So I'm not just going to lump a problem and everyone's slap without a solution. Here's my solution. I would love for some listener or listeners out there to help me out. Send me a pic or pics. It doesn't have to be sci fi themed, just anything. What's really good? Don't send me your own stuff that's a little bit puffed up, isn't it? Send me somebody else's film. Or if it's your film, get one of your friends to send it to me. But don't send me your own. I don't want self promos for this. I just want to watch something really good. I'm not terribly picky. But I do want something that's good. And that's the only adjective I'm going to use needs to be good. just just just make a good

Ricky Grove  38:39  
and include $1 with each letter that you send Phil.

Phil  38:44  
If you copy that letter, and send it with $1 to 10 of your friends, the previous 10 No, we're not gonna do that. To get in touch with us, folks. It's not hard. You can leave us a voicemail on reverb chat. You can text us right on your mobile phone. So if you're writing along on your motorcycle listening to this podcast right now, you don't have to pull over. Just pull out your phone while you're driving. It's completely safe. Yeah, yeah. But yeah, there's lots of ways to reach out to us. I would love it. If you email it to me at talk at completely machinima comm you could leave it as a comment on one of our blog posts. I'll be watching everywhere. I want to hear from you guys. Because the four of us are, you know, we're pretty good as as this list today shows you. We're pretty good at finding good stuff. But we're where we could really use help more than anything is. There's just too much for us to watch and find the good stuff on our own. Whereas you guys probably stumble across it from time to time. You know, by accident, you end up stumbling upon something like Wow, this is great. Well, now you know what to do with that send us that pick. I'm going to take it as my own. And not not share it with the others. But

Damien  40:04  
I was just gonna say I want to see them as a waste,

Phil  40:08  
yeah, then I don't waste a quarter of a show segment pissin and moanin about not being able to find anything. So

Damien  40:15  
now I think you actually raised a really good point because there is so much content out there that it can be really hard to, especially when you've got a theme to stick to. And there's so much out there, you can't narrow it down to just one film. So I think it's a really good point that you raised there and anyone listening, please do. Send Phil your recommendations.

Ricky  40:37  
That would be very helpful.

Damien  40:39  
Yeah. Alright, so we've covered our films for this week. And Phil's already mentioned how to get back to us with ways to contact us with your feedback, and of course, films filter, have a look at. So yeah, thank you for listening and join us in the next part of something completely machinima

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